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We do travel during show season which is Feb. to Oct. Please keep in mind that due to it only being 2 of us and we do still work full time, we will have delays the week of and at least 2 weeks after due to travel time and additional orders. Please ensure that orders are completed in the order they are received. Majority of items are made to order, which may mean materials may have to be ordered as well. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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We've been jeepers for over 4 years. Husband got a wild hair to do something different that no one really has so here we are. We were a 2 Jeep household but now only 1 and loving every minute of it. We are looking to expanding into other Country/Texas related jewelry but main focus is custom Jeep accessories at the moment. You can never have too many. We have been working on custom decals and apparel as well.


If interested in having us set up for your event, check out our calendar and reach out to us.

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If interested in having our products in your shop or store, feel free to email us for more information. Ask us about customizing products for your business!

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